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JTV Reviews

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  • Can't seem to get my refund

    Called numerous times to JTV to get them to issue me a refund on 2 rings that I purchased and sent back the next business day. I have spoken to 4 customer service people and each of them gave me the run around especially on the most expensive ring. All I want is my money back so that I can be done with JTV. I feel that as honest person giving JTV the benefit of the doubt by trusting them to send me good quality jewelry then,they should be honest enough to send me back my money. I don't have money to give away! More...
  • jewelery

    Bought a Moissanite eternity ring and wore it a little over a month and a stone fell out. Now it cannot be worn. Did not purchase a protection plan because it was a new ring and didn't think it was necessary. Was really happy when it arrived + worn it almost daily. The warranty ID is JTV 200 000163 440. How can you help me gain confidence in your show once more? More...
  • moisaonite jewelery

    Very upset I purchased an eternity moissanite ring (warranty ID JTV 200 000 163 440) wore it for little over a month and one of the stones fell out. Of course, I was not able to find the missing stone and now can't wear it. I did not purchase the protection plan because why would you need it for a ring just over a month old. Or for any new item purchased. Now feel that I can no longer order any thing from JTV. This same thing happened in the past with a pair of earrings but was willing to give them another chance. No longer can trust the quality of your products. The ring was... More...
    floveglatte's Picture   floveglatte    0 Comments   Comments
  • Free Isn't always FREE !!

    This was my first and last time ordering from the company JTV. However, after reading some of the other complaints I count my blessings. I ordered some diamond hoop earrings, once they arrived they didn't appear as seen on tv nor have the bling factor and one pair was slightly damaged. When I ordered them ( 3 pair) the S & H was to be FREE and I was told it would be deducted prior to shipment...it wasn't. I returned the earrings using the prepaid label and received my refund in a timely manner minus TWO deductions for S & H. Guess I'll just chalk it up to a charge for... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Jojo789's Picture   Jojo789    1 Comments   Comments
  • JTV shows beautiful gems and recommend watchers to buy these gemstones as an investment.

    I enjoyed watching JTV especially when they showed loose gemstones. I naively listen to the Host/Hosts who had the training and knowledge about gemstones. I bought Cor De Rosa Morganite, Chrome Diopside andTanzanite just to name a few because I was told that these gemstones would increase in value. I went to people who made jewelry but none were interested in these rare stones. Not even my Burma ruby was turned down. I feel that I have a collection of pretty stones that aren't worth anything. I even purchased equipment that was supposed to help me identify a gemstone. No matter how... More...
    Isganarde1's Picture   Isganarde1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't wast your money

    Ordered 500 ring 14k gold ober sterling. Was told gold would never come off. Wife wore ring for 4 days and gold came completely off. Called Diane was told to return which i did. Tracking number from post office stated JTV received on January 18 it is now January 31 no credit to my bank account as off yet. Called and was pached through to Justin in customer service then Walter (800-550-8393) Was given every excuse in the book over 12 day period, was even blamed on bad weather..what can't wire funds because of bad weather. Piss poor company. Please note this warning DO NOT order anything... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • disappointed

    I have watched the JTV network for some time. Two weeks ago I called and purchased a parcel of opals and findings for about $100.00. The rep who took my order was very nice and, after taking debit card information, said the parcel would arrive in 7-10 days. Yesterday was almost two weeks, so my husband checked into it. We thought everything was okay since the money was taken from our account, but the parcel sold out. My husband had to really work to get our money back, which finally happened late yesterday. I will not get the parcel I was looking forward to, and the company would have... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Annetta's Picture   Annetta    0 Comments   Comments
  • Going Down Hill

    I have become very disappointed in the prices and quality of your merchandise. Too many of the rings that I have purchased have not been accurately sized, and by the time it gets to me the other sizes are sold out. I appreciate the jewelry protection plan, but am hesitant to wear the jewelry I bought prior to this because of lost or damaged stones. Overall, I think that your quality is going downhill. More...
    jordie's Picture   jordie    2 Comments   Comments
  • Whats Your Input?

    Hello Measured Up Members I'm new here, and feeling like a duck-out-of-water! My review topic has been about The Television, and Online, Jewelry, and Gemstone Company's. I love the beauty of gemstones. In jewelry, or loose facets. I am a home collector of loose facets, and somewhat a novice at it. I have been seeing so much negative response to buying via television, and online. I have purchased gems, and jewelry from JTV, DSN, SNBC, and HSN. I would love reading your response to any of the above. Be it positive, or negative. Hat-Off-To-Measured-Up ... Love this site! A... More...
    WandaS's Picture   WandaS    1 Comments   Comments

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JTV Comments

bibsi says: (3 years ago)
I've been a customer since 2003 in all that time I've only retuned things 4 times'. The customers service has always been wonderful'respectful, and helpful. If you go to a department store chances are your going to pay more and are still taking a chance with problems. All these problems,complaints I've read are sad. This is a very resepectful. Reputable company. If you go to a large theam park and make a purchase and it doesn't stand up to quality its because of mass production. JTV is still one of the best deals on jewelry today, yes accidents happen but JTV always stands behind customers ,satisfaction even if its late. They handle all of USA so if its late try and be understanding,they sell to millions daily so its understandable. Each of the hosts are very knowledgeable, there courteous friendly and clean nicely dressed . just because your angry doesn't mean to say unfounded things about the hostess/host there just trying to do there jobs and they do it with knowledge pride and very helpful tips. I can go on but if all you people are disatified then do go shop another channel and let people buy good quality from JTV. ( I have No afiliation. With reletives or friends working with or at JTV purly a satisfied customer)

tenorsaxxman says: (4 years ago)
Won three auction bids totaling about twenty one dollars. They put all three in one flimsy envelope and charged me twenty dollars and seventy cents shipping ! I took the envelope to my post office and they quoted me $1.75. Customer Service (not a good name for them for they don't offer any) just blew it off and didn't care that they were losing a four year, 160 order, $6000.00 customer. What short sighted idiots they are.

strobelboatner says: (4 years ago)
Bought a 500 dollar moissanite ring for my wife for anniversary. 14K over sterling, arrived late and within 4 days gold came completely off. We were guaranteed gold would never come off ring. Called and talked to Diane she told me to return ring and it would be redipped told that wasn't an option. I was told to call customer returns 1-800-550-8393 i did and was patched through to Justin. Told to send back with
Smart Return label only problem they didn't send one with my purchase. Had to go to local post office insure ring for 600 dollars and got tracking number. Tracking number showed it arrived on January 18 2014. The date is now January 31 2014 still haven't credited my bank account for full refund. Been told every excuse in book by Walter and Justin in customer care even said weather was bad..WHAT??. Don't make same mistake i did, Piss poor company, every time i see Jtv i want to puke. Still waiting for refund Thanks Diane, Justin, Walter and everyone else at JTV...for nothing

aladin123 says: (5 years ago)
we have a complaint abnout the hostess genifer miller , she has been scamming and swindling the public , by telling every item jtv gets in is checked out . i ordered a ruby ring with diamond accsent.. what i got ,, was sponge coral . and no diamonds not even a sliver , the metal was cut and highly polished to look like diamonds , i had to ship the item back then she proclaimed 40 layers of gold is over every sterling silver . well we know better . not gem quallety diamond that are set in sterling , dark gray in color , she proclaims beautiful diamonds , she missrepresents everytime she hosts a show . we are sick and tired of orderin items and have to return them , the same with misty mills another hostess who is swindling and scamming the public,, with the remark s . dark gray diamonds . the quallity of the diamonmds is great , i had to return the bracelet , i dont mind paying the $ 200.00 for the item .. if the diamonds are shipped cracked or badly cut , as long as the are clear. but she missrepresents the items . i baught 3 ruby rings , 1 pair of ruby earings with blue diamonds , the diamonds are not the best but i can see the are blue diamonds , 1 $ 300.00 ruby necklace . 1 pair of 50 point moissanite earings ,, all those without watching those phony hostesses,, on line , and i am very happy with everything i bought , and dident had to return one item , those 2 should be thrown of jtv , just giving jtv a bad name . good thing i tried them out , how many people did those 2 scamm with missrepresenting the jewelry ,

Linmae says: (5 years ago)
I am closing my account! I called in to purchase a Christmas present. I had an hour for free shipping in time for Christmas day. 12/25/12/ Every time you order with their preferred card (highest interest rates ever!) you need to resubmit personal information. Doesn't make sense. HSN is so great and customer service is great..anyway they kept asking me to resubmit by the time i did offer was over. And so am I. I have perfect credit with them and I wonder can they afford to lose another customer?

jtvrubbish72 says: (6 years ago)
I placed an order for a preowned morganite ring and a also a ruby ring. JTV cancelled the morganite ring on me and when I called they gave me no reason for doing so. The customer service is the worse I have ever experienced and I will never shop there again. I shop at SHopnbc and there is no comparison between shopnbc and JTV. SHOPNBC is like the cadillac of the jewelry world and jtv is the volkswagen. SHopnbc sells high quality jewelry and JT sells gum ball machine jewelry. They will send out rings with stones missing and broken prongs and then you call about it you get blasted out by those ugly, rude customer service reps. You never ever get a confirmation email when you place an order and they can cancel an item at any time on you and never let you know. They operate tee totally backwards from any of the other jewelry websites online. I would not bother buying anything from them as their quality is next to zero and all they are out for is one's hard earned money.

sirena says: (6 years ago)
I bought opal rough mined $28.51 , but I recived totally different item than JTV showed. I returned item and JTV refunded me only $14. This really scam.

HonestlySpeaking says: (6 years ago)
November 28 - JTV IS NOT WHAT THEY USE TO BE! The price and quality is not there anymore. It's cybermonday and still no luck. I had been a JTV customer for 10 years. I never totally gave them up occasionally you would find a piece that was an exceptional value. But over the last 3 years or so that is not the case. If you are looking for a good deal in gold go to SHOPNBC.COM. You are truly wasting your time with JTV.

malone says: (7 years ago)
JTV is very good to me. I bought a black opal 25 karats for 68 dollars. The opal had much color play with an unbelievable worth. Their pearls are untouchable. The few problems i had were returned at no charge to me.
The value is there. I do not work for or know anyone who works at JTV.

Agnes93 says: (7 years ago)
I buy a lot of jewelry online. Jtv is not the only place that is using thin gold in their settings, they all are. All of the familiar jewelry sites are using thin gold, vermeil, silver and lower quality stones in an effort to keep their products affordable. It's just a sign of the times. If you want good stuff, you have to pay more for it. All in all, I thing that Jtv has the best jewelry for the price. Remember, you are not going to get VS diamonds for a few hundred dollars. You will get better deals from Jtv than any department or jewelry store that is for sure.

Jane22 says: (8 years ago)
I've only ordered two items on there that have been promptly returned. Both were so different from what they were showing that I will NEVER purchase anything from them again. I also agree with the whole TANZANITE CRAZE. "My personal friend, has gone into the mines...1000 feet down!" What bull. The women and men that talk the talk look unkept and lack of a better word, dirty. These women never look nice or well dressed and they're hardly professional. A few of the men look like they haven't seen soap and water in weeks. Gross. Like I said, NEVER EVER AGAIN

Patannie says: (8 years ago)
I would like to know why for the last 5 months JTV has been saying to buy tanzanite NOW!!! because you will no longer get to buy tanzanite,but every day I watch JTV and I see tanzanite for sale,So what is really going on?And now I find out that tanzanite is being mined by small children,I have read that on more than one sight.So what is really going on?

jordie says: (9 years ago)
The quality of the jewelry at JTV is not always the best. I have had prongs break on rings as well as bands for no reason. This has happened after their magic 30-day policy. Let's face it, the majority of women do not wear a new ring 7-days a week to test the item, so their 30-days is a safe bet for the company. Now they offer a two-year jewelry protection plan, which you are almost compelled to purchase for your own piece of mind. I have not had to use that as yet, but if they had good quality control you should not have to purchase it to begin with. Most of their rings are very thin and light weight...it was not like this a few years ago. Yes, the price is right...but consider where this jewelry is coming from and the quality that you really want in an item.

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